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Belgian Anticorruption Court of Ukraine

01/06/2018 09:41

Imagine a bright future in the near future. Ukraine has elected a new president, who finally performs his election program. And in Ukraine, an Anticorruption Court with jurisdiction in the Kingdom of Belgium, Brussels was finally established. Belgian judges work there, and the Ukrainian top corrupt officials are judged from morning to evening according to Ukrainian laws. The economy is growing, people are experiencing an increase in living standards. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, corrupt officials from the former government who have the full right to be convicted in the “Belgian Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine”, but do not want to, resist – create terrorist groups, based on the model of “Los Extrasdatables” in Colombia. And they fight for death, because among them the growing popularity is gaining in mind – “The best grave in Ukraine than the court in Brussels and the prison in Pakistan”. Fantasy? Dream?

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