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Katerynchuk: Russia already uses gas as a weapon

11/11/2021 13:54

“The statement of the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenko on the closure of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline is already a scenario of using gas as a weapon. When we called on Europeans partners to stop Nord Stream 2, they assured us that they would impose sanctions on Russia’s first attempt to use gas as a weapon against Ukraine.

But it seems that Russia will use gas as a weapon first against the EU, not against Ukraine. It is time for Europeans to understand that Russia, now with the help of its satellite Lukashenko, will not stop.

Brussels declares that “gas is an important resource that cannot be used in geopolitical disputes.” He hopes for common sense in Lukashenko. Is this an argument for dictatorial regimes if they use people freezing on the border with Poland for their own ends?

It is important for the President’s Office of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council to deal with Russian threats 24/7, not with presidential ratings of Zelensky”, Mykola Katerynchuk said on his Facebook page.

Press service
of  the European party of Ukraine