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Katerynchuk: Ukrainian courts defended the tax evasions

15/06/2020 08:00

“The new managers of the State Tax Service and the Ministry of Finance has really started the fight against the tax evasions, allowing to steal UAH 30 billion a year from the state budget only on fictitious VAT. But the most interesting thing is that today the Ukrainian courts defended these schemes of tax evasions. They recognize the false companies as completely legal, not fictitious, and also oblige the State Tax Service to return the money stolen from the state budget – UAH 900 million last year and UAH 600 million this year. But what did we want from the judicial system built by Poroshenko? We need to reboot everything radically!”, said Mykola Katerynchuk.

In his opinion, judicial reform in Ukraine has not taken place. And the tax legislation is far from ideal and does not allow to realize the economic miracle in Ukraine through the creation of the best tax system.


Press service of the
European Party of Ukraine