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Mykola Katerynchuk: 5-7-9% loans are free money.

07/02/2020 09:16

The question is whether they will be available for entrepreneurs who really need them, said Mykola Katerynchuk on the air of Politeka.Online.

Loans of 5-7-9% are a pilot program of the government aimed at creating a competitive field in the labor market. It is logical that if possible to get affordable loans, Ukrainians will not go abroad massively, and will try to create their own small business and jobs here. The state should become a partner in this direction. This is absolutely the right thing to do. But I am afraid for fulfillment. What is a loan at 5% with 4% inflation? You take money, convert it into dollars, do nothing, and in 5 years you return 30% of this amount. Banks can now call their clients and give them this free money, said Mykola Katerynchuk.



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