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Mykola Katerynchuk: The case against Sakvarelidze seems to be a light political repression

15/09/2017 18:26


The case of law enforcement agencies against Sakvarelidze is unpromising in terms of jurisprudence and looks like a light political repression.

Such opinion was expressed by the People’s Deputy of Ukraine of previous convocations Mykola Katerynchuk in the program “Vox Populi” (19:15 – 20:00 on ZIK TV Channel).

As everybody knows, the former Deputy Prosecutor General, David Sakvarelidze, was accused of committing a number of crimes.

“A court has already chosen a precautionary measure for David Sakvarelidze and is trying to accuse him in facilitating the illegal crossing of the state border because he helped Saakashvili. However, I believe that this is a hopeless case in terms of law and simply looks more like a light political repression”, – believes Mykola Katerynchuk.

As for Saakashvili, adds a politician, the authorities did everything to make him act exactly in this way.

“The President does not follow the Constitution of Ukraine, because the main law prohibits him to deprive anyone of citizenship. That is why, in any case there are enough reasons for the impeachment of the President, and moreover, this is not his only violation of the law. Instead, Saakashvili acted in accordance with the norms of international law, and as a citizen of Ukraine, he has a right to defend his interests in court”, – emphasized Mykola Katerynchuk.

He also noticed that the main question is not about Saakashvili, but about the fact that the President is trying to manage the country by decrees and neglects the rights of citizens.

“Citizenship is a fundamental human right, and it’s simply impossible to take it away. Saakashvili and his supporters had no choice but to storm the Ukrainian border. After all, every citizen has the right to defend himself and his right to citizenship in court”, – summed up Mykola Katerynchuk.

Press service of the European Party of Ukraine