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Mykola Katerynchuk: The Central Election Commission is involved in fraud with voter lists

13/03/2020 10:00

Ukraine will elect the President of Ukraine according to voter lists that do not differ from the 2015 sample lists, as the dead persons are not removed from the register.

Deputy Head of the Central Election Headquarters Anatoliy Hrytsenko on legal issues Mykola Katerynchuk said this during a briefing.

“Last fall, we received information from one of the administrators of the voter registry that the Presidential Administration is instructing them to form voter lists so that they have 4% of “dead souls”, those who lost the opportunity to vote in connection with death”, said Katerynchuk.

He stressed that 4% of the total number of voters (35 602 855 voters as of December 31, 2018) are 1,4 million people who will be able to “vote” if they are not removed from the State Voter Register.

“The information obtained may indicate the preparation of large-scale falsification of the election results in favor of the pro-government candidate by using the ballots of the dead. To verify this fact, we contacted the CEC”, Mykola Katerynchuk said.

An authorized representative of Anatoly Grytsenko at the CEC, Ruslan Chornolutsky, added that the Central Election Commission had denied access to the State Register of Voters of the presidential candidate, violating a direct rule of law, namely Part 9 of Article 31 of the Law of Ukraine “On Elections of the President of Ukraine”. According to him, the law obliges the Central Election Commission to immediately grant access to the register of voters to all candidates after their registration.

“The CEC Resolution No. 74, referred to by the CEC, which prevents a candidate from accessing an electronic database of voter lists, is a bylaw. It cannot amend the Law, but only extend or explain its rules. If the CEC does not give candidate Anatoly Grytsenko access to the electoral rolls by the end of January 23, 2019, the CEC’s illegal actions will be appealed in court”, Chornolutsky stressed.

Eearlier the leader of Civic Position» Anatoly Grytsenko told that at the next elections every vote will be protected.



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