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Mykola Katerynchuk was the first who helped in publication of the book -requiem “The Heavenly Hundred”

13/06/2016 13:47

The Head of the Centre of Social Projects “I want to live” Roman Savchak expressed his gratitude to the leader of the European Party of Ukraine Mykola Katerynchuk, who as the first, who responded to help in publication of the book- requiem “The Heavenly Hundred”.

In the comments Roman told the press service of the Party about the details of the acquaintance with Mykola Katerynchuk, during EuroMaidan and the Revolution of Dignity. “During one of the assaults of the tent camp, I noticed a familiar red jacket of Mykola Katerynchuk. He stood with a few other Deputies in the forefront. The stereotypical vision in respect of People’s Deputies I have, changed for the better. They were in the forefront, hoped and believed that they would stop the pressure of the security forces”.

“Two months after the shooting of the Heavenly Hundred`s heroes, we applied to Mykola to support our initiative in publishing the book-requiem “The Heavenly Hundred”. “Our conversation lasted barely 15 seconds. He heard about our initiative and immediately expressed his readiness to assist in this matter. We are sincerely grateful to him for his virtually silent help in this project. His help was the first impulse of the project and then has already gained more scale. Mykola Katerynchuk actually became a detonator. This book is an encyclopedia of those who gave their lives on Maidan. In our opinion, every official should get this book and periodically open it to remember, thanks to whom they take their positions”, – said Roman Savchak.

“It is believed that the value of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred reduces every year. Because in the east of the country there is a war and people are dying. On the contrary – they are the first victims of this war. And it is necessary to understand, when someone accuses the Heavenly Hundred that they have provoked the war. It is also absurd, because they are the first, who have risen in the war against aggression. Therefore, we must remember them because, without any pathos, they are modern heroes”, – says the initiator of the book.

Turning to history, Roman Savchak said: “For example, the story of Krut Heroes had been concealed more than half a century, but now we have free access to information. And our publication makes it possible to know about those who died for our future. Mykola Katerynchuk helped to realize this project and we are very grateful to him”.



Press Service of the European Party of Ukraine