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Prosecutor General’s position is an electric chair, – Mykola Katerynchuk

24/07/2019 12:58

The Prosecutor General’s Office has always been the burial ground for all criminal cases. They were drained or sold, or delayed. It has always served the interests of the authorities at the expense of the people, and has always been an important element of the oligarchic system, said Mykola Katerynchuk on the ZIK channel.

The new Prosecutor General must understand the investigation process and know what modern courts are, because the prosecutor’s office is a representative of the state’s interests. I consider Ruslan Ryaboshapka a weak candidate. But a talented Prosecutor General, if he wants to get a socially significant result, will bring together experienced people and achieve that result. For example, David Sakvarelidze may be the first deputy. The investigation may be headed by a person who started as an ordinary investigator and knows the whole system inside. But the main thing for the Prosecutor General is not to be afraid. He has to wear two bulletproof vests and start a war with mafia. That is why it is important to gather a team around him, which will help him to imprison the corrupt officials and return the money to the state, said Mykola Katerynchuk.


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