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Statement of the European Party of Ukraine on the recent US presidential elections

09/11/2016 22:50


The election of the President of the US – first of all, for us, as a young Ukrainian democracy, is a rate of a high civil liability of American society to its constitutional right to use their voice and to determine their own future!

You can love or hate the candidates, you can criticize or praise them, you can listen to them or distance himself from them. American voters show their attitude to them during the voting and the high turnout at the polls. They do not stay at home, losing a chance to influence the course of the historical development of their country. We have seen it on the 8th November, 2016. We saw a high civic activity. We should learn from them how to value a right to elect! For us this is one of the most important real examples and lessons of active democracy. A high electoral activity can help to minimize the risks of fraud and non-recognition of the election results.

We, the European Party of Ukraine, want to congratulate the Republican Party of the US on a confident victory. Not only their candidate Donald Trump won the presidential race, but due to the results of the elections they got a landslide victory and now they have a majority in the US Senate and the House of Representatives. We hope that the new administration of the White House will continue to support the policy of Ukraine concerning freedom and independence, the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and implementation of the large-scale reforms in various spheres of Ukrainian life from fighting corruption to economics. Moreover, in its history, the US Republican Party and its presidents always actively supported the young democracies in their right to self-determination and self-affirmation. We will continue to closely monitor and support our ideological partners from the US Democratic Party, which has made an invaluable contribution to the US development. It has shown the whole world how to fight against stereotypes and various phobias, which limit the freedom of human rights.

Also, we urge Ukrainian political esteblishment, represented by politicians, deputies of different levels, leaders of political parties, journalists and experts to stop making jokes on the American choice and expressing unfounded clichés and stereotypes about the future of the new administration of the White House. Train yourself to respect other’s choice that is not falsified and is legal. Do not forget that the American government system is built on the collective decision-making and self-control of all branches of government. We should strive for such system in Ukraine, not just constantly talk about it!

Press Service of the European Party of Ukraine