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Statement of the European Party of Ukraine regarding the appointment of Prosecutor General of Ukraine

12/05/2016 15:20

Today in four hours Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the violation of the Rules of Procedure, adopted a law special for the new Attorney General without legal education and appointed him to the post.The parliament has never known such frantic pace of work. Motives of our President are understandable and logical for him – to retain power at all costs. And the new head of the Prosecutor General Office will skillfully perform this task.

The European Party of Ukraine believes that the new Prosecutor General will engage in serious criminal cases and will fight against corruption. His main task will become ” whitening” oligarchs and the fight against political opponents. No fighting against corruption can be possible with such appointment. Struggle against corruption is one of the areas of democracy which our country is just learning. But the present government in all available ways try to trample even the slightest manifestation of democracy. Laws are being adopted only under conditions of political expediency, freedom of speech is being destroyed, patriots are being planted in jails or destroyed in the East, reforms are still only on paper and so on.

After a lightning voting for the appointment of Lutsenko as a Prosecutor General, is the power ready to adopt laws for citizens just as quickly? Are the authorities ready to generate benefits not only for themselves but first of all for those, who voted for this government in the elections? They are not ready and they will not do this.

Democracy is a rule by which we all live. When the government establish the rules by which live only elected, it is not democracy, this is a shell game. And when a game is being played by power, sooner or later it ends with the expulsion of such power. The current government is playing with people and, it will end its ruling in disgrace and exile.

The European Party of Ukraine does not criticize Lutsenko. He became a victim of the political game of the “offshore” President, who know only such rules. We criticize Poroshenko, who does not realize the terrible consequences of his rule.

The next step is the reform of the judicial system. Will the judges also be appointed to positions with no legal education?

It’s a shame for such reform.

Glory to Ukraine!

The leader of the European Party of Ukraine
Mykola Katerynchuk