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STATEMENT of the European Party of Ukraine regarding the necessity of dissolution the Parliament

10/11/2015 17:57

Today, on the 10th of November, 2015, Ukraine’s parliament failed voting for the package of laws, which is necessary for the implementation of visa liberalization. There were not enough votes, so that anti-discrimination rules of the Labour Code were not approved, which does not provide persecution based on sexual orientation.

The European Party of Ukraine believes that with these actions the Parliament has endangered the approval of the visa-free regime and postponed the beginning of European development in Ukraine for an unknown period of time. The reckless decisions of Ukrainian MPs have deprived the possibility of visiting the European Union freely and promoting rapid integration of European democratic principles in our country. Literally, such decision of Parliament can and should be considered as a historic failure.

Some skeptics say that the visa regime is not a panacea for all our problems. It is true, but it is partly true. Because the future of our children will depend on the direction in which the entire country will move.

A significant part of current deputies received their mandates on a post revolutionary wave. The whole purpose of the Maidan was European integration. People died in the central square of Kyiv for this idea and still continue to die in the eastern part of Ukraine. But a bunch of parliamentarians decided to neglect the desire of millions to live in the European country.

That is why we believe that the current Parliament has finally discredited itself and should be dissolved. If the government concerned about people, it should stop the Verkhovna Rada’s authority in order to prevent bloodshed. The next revolution would bring more victims and crisis. Only early parliamentary election is the only way to get out of this permanent political crisis.

The leader of the European Party of Ukraine Mykola Katerynchuk