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07/02 09:16
Mykola Katerynchuk: 5-7-9% loans are free money.
The question is whether they will be available for entrepreneurs who really need them, said Mykola Katerynchuk on the air of Politeka.Online. Loans o
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06/02 15:10
Mykola Katerynchuk: The opening of the land market could lead to off-year elections this fall.
The land market in the form in which authorities want to accept it will cause our farmer to die. The land will be bought up by latifundists, who will
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Снимок экрана 2019-09-27 в 21.14.46
27/09 18:18
The NSDC should be a focal point in the fight against corruption, – Mykola Katerynchuk
Anti-corruption structure in Ukraine is formed. And the National Security and defense Council (NSDC) should become a focal point in the fight against
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