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The European Party of Ukraine requires the adoption of a new Electoral Code by Parliament

17/05/2018 21:39

Today, the European Party of Ukraine has demanded the adoption of a new Electoral Code from the people’s constituents under the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the action “No! Elections according to Yanukovych’s laws! ”
The European Party, together with other opposition forces, signed an ultimatum to accelerate the preparation of the draft Election Code (registration number 3112-1) and start its consideration in the session hall no later than June 21.
The leader of the European Party, Mykola Katerynchuk, noted in his speech that Ukraine became a hostage to the existing electoral system, which deprives ordinary Ukrainians of electoral law. “The elections turned into a competition for administrative, criminal, and monetary resources. And they do not have a place for people, ideologies and democracy “, – said the politician. Mykola Katerynchuk called on Ukrainians to be conscious and to stop any attempts to unlawfully influence their will. And all those involved in bribery and the use of illegal technologies to bring to criminal responsibility.
The first deputy head of the European Party of Ukraine, Victor Vasilyuk, speaking at the rally, called on people’s deputies to stop feeding the people of Ukraine with buckwheat. “How much can a nation be raped and abandoned its right to be a subject of electoral law? We must finally adopt the Electoral Code, which will take into account every Ukrainian’s voice and bring power to those people’s deputies, as they will adopt laws for Ukrainians, and not for oligarchs, “Viktor Vasilyuk said.
Deputy Chairman of the party Ruslan Chernolutskyi said that the electoral law of Yanukovych’s time serves the current government, which in its majority is represented by the former “Party of Regions”. “This electoral system, like the Euphrates, was extended to both parliamentary and local council elections. In order to change it, it is necessary to introduce the experience of European countries with open lists “, – said Ruslan Chernolutsky.
The Draft Election Code (No. 3112-1) provides for the abolition of the majoritarian system and the introduction of open regional lists. After its adoption in the first reading in the fall of 2017, people’s deputies made almost 4,5 thousand amendments, and, at the moment, hinder the preparation of the bill for the second reading.

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