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The majoritarian system should die, – Mykola Katerynchuk

06/06/2019 12:02

The majoritarian system does not allow the political system of Ukraine to develop, said the leader of the European Party of Ukraine Mykola Katerynchuk on the air of the Emigrant Radio.

Unfortunately, parliamentary elections will be held under the old system, which means that deputies will be elected, in particular, in majoritarian constituencies.

But decentralization made majoritarian candidates unnecessary. Previously, their main task was to siphon off money from the state budget to their constituencies. And with decentralization, communities on the ground are already fully budgeting. Therefore, this reform needs to be continued.

“The next step in the reform should be the elimination of regional councils, because the deputies of the regional councils perform only one function – filter public money. Only further decentralization will make the regions self-sufficient and improve people’s standard of living. The system of distribution of funds, when the minister in Kyiv signs to whom how much money to give, must remain in the past. We must move to a European model of relations between central and local authorities”, said Mykola Katerynchuk.


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