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The Youth European Movement teaches youth to write projects

02/02/2010 16:06
On January, 23rd and 30th the team of Kyiv City Organization VMOO “The Youth European Movement” held trainings: “The Project Writing” and “Press-Service Work”. Selection for participation in trainings was held on a competitive basis. 25 participants were selected out of 150 applicants.

The participants from different corners of Ukraine took part in the event. Among them there were representatives of the European Party of Ukraine and ВМОО “Youth European Rukh” activists from Melitopol, Zaporizhya and Ternopil.

During the training all levels of design work were considered in detail: from the idea of the project creation up to the reporting and estimation of the work results. At the participants’ request special attention was paid to the specificity of domestic and foreign funds work. 

Efficiency of the given training was proved by the idea that each participant had a possibility to write a project, to receive professional recommendations and to discuss each of its components within the team.

The only thing left is to thank participants for their activity and to wish them success, persistence and creative enthusiasm in their public work.

The Press-service
The European party of Ukraine