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Valeriy Klochok: Will Ukrainians vote in the elections?

31/10/2017 18:43

“The general turnout of voters according to the public network “Opora” in the first elections of united territorial communities on October 29, 2017 was 48.2%. According to the state register of voters, the total number of those, who can vote in Ukraine is almost 36 million people. (including the ARC and non-controlling territories in the east of Ukraine). Taking into account the turnout of voters below 50%, only about 18 million people will take part in the elections. When we subtract from this number the voters from Donbass and Crimea, we will get about 14 million people, who will come to the polls and determine the fate of Ukraine”, – said Valeriy Klochok, the Deputy Chairman of the European Party of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Party, on his Facebook page.

“With regard to, for example, the presidential elections, the head of state will be chosen by less than half of the conscious Ukrainians and it will be enough to score less than 7 million votes to win in the second round (Yanukovych gained 12.5 million in 2010, Poroshenko in 2014 – 9.8 million votes). That is why, the smaller the turnout in the elections is, the easier it will be to win. And the candidate from the authorities will do everything to influence Ukrainians, so that voters ignore the upcoming elections. For example, during the presidential elections in Ukraine, the turnout of voters in 1999 was 74%, in 2004 – 75%, in 2010 – 69%, in 2014 – 60.5%”, – said the politician.

“And this is not just disappointment because of the authorities. Citizens have not trusted them for a long time. It is a disappointment to the institute of statehood. Ukraine disappears as a country. And only an increase in the level of responsibility of citizens for the fate of the country can correct the situation and save the state”, – says Valeriy Klochok.

Press service of the European Party of Ukraine