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Resolution №7 of the XI Congress of the European Party of Ukraine “Consolidation of liberal forces in a single platform”

09/04/2016 15:52

The European Party of Ukraine, April 8th, 2016 Kyiv
Socio-political realities of the current situation in Ukraine indicate a need to review the basic principles, on which modern society is based, and to form the concept of national development, the concept of social development.

Given the significant impact of social-liberalism in the world, as well as dissemination and promotion of liberal ideas in Eastern Europe, we believe that today social liberalism must become effective ideological and political-economic concept in Ukraine and platform for consolidation of liberal and democratic forces to reform the political system and economic development of the country. The XI Congress of the European party of Ukraine calls for unity around the following principles:

1. Political equality of people;
2. Equal right to life, property, freedom;
3. Separation of civil society from the state;
4. Lack of concentration of power in one hand;
5. Separation of powers into legislative, executive and judicial branches.
6. The decisive fight against corruption: unconditional and immediate adoption of all the EU requirements and recommendations in terms of legislative support for the fight against corruption and implementation of this law in practice;
7. The real lustration, not imaginary, when the heads of local departments are fired, but prosecutors continue to work;
8. Reform of the judicial system due to European standards;
9. Strongly accelerate the process of decentralization of power;
10. Invention compromise on tax matters with small businesses;
11. Protection of civil rights and freedoms, including the right to decent paid work and necessary social guarantees;
12. The reform should focus on decent paid work and social security, not their destruction.

Press service of the European Party of Ukraine